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The skin around your eyes is thinner than on any other part of the body, and because of this, it can be easily stretched or damaged. As a result of years of unconsciously squinting or rubbing the delicate skin around the eyes, this area often seems to age more quickly than the rest of your face. Add in factors like sun exposure, dryness, and the natural loss of skin elasticity and the pull of gravity, and the result may be saggy, droopy eyelids or bags under your eyes.

An eye lift (known as a blepharoplasty) can effectively rejuvenate the skin and soft tissues around your eyes to give you a more refreshed appearance. A surgical eyelift can be performed on the upper or lower lids, or both, and is designed to remove or reposition drooping skin and excess fatty deposits, eliminating bags, and tightening skin, making you look more youthful and rested.

Sagging Or Drooping Eyelids

For most people, eyelids that being to sag or droop can be a result of several factors, including potentially serious medical conditions, so oftentimes, the first step in addressing the problem is to consult your doctor to ensure that the issue isn’t due to something more than just age.

While gravity and age are tough adversaries to fight, proper care of your eyes can definitely help to prevent or at least stall the aging process. Other factors that contribute to loose eyelid skin may include:

  • Pulling or tugging at the skin around your eyes – Because the skin around your eyes is so thin and delicate, years of excessive or less-than-gentle rubbing can eventually cause the skin to wrinkle and stretch permanently.
  • Fluid Retention – If you have allergies or consume a diet high in salt or excessive alcohol, the result may be a buildup of fluid around the eyes, making them look puffy and stretching the skin.
  • Genetics – Your chances of developing sagging eyelids are substantially increased if your parents or grandparents have them.
  • Fat Prolapse – With the weakening of the muscles in your eyelids comes the inability to support the natural pads of fat that reside there. Weak muscles plus gravity equals drooping lids.
  • Lifestyle – Improper eye care, lack of sun protection and smoking are just a few of the lifestyle factors that can accelerate the aging process, especially around your eyes.
    A blepharoplasty can lift and tighten the skin on your upper and lower eyelids for a more aesthetically pleasing look, turning back the clock on the aging process around your eyes.

Excess Skin On Your Upper Or Lower Eyelids

All of the skin on your body contains two proteins – collagen and elastin – that are vital building blocks for beautiful skin. As you age, the collagen and elastin that keep your skin looking supple and youthful begin to weaken, and not only that, but your body’s production of those proteins begins to slow. Without enough collagen and elastin, your skin begins to lose volume and elasticity, resulting in loose, wrinkly skin on your eyelids. Paired with the loss of fat and the weakened muscles that can no longer properly support the fat pads, you’re left looking older, and may even have enough sagging skin to obstruct your vision.

A blepharoplasty can not only improve the cosmetic issues you’re experiencing because of the loose skin on your lids, but can remove excess skin that may be affecting your vision and the function of your eyes.

Fatty Deposits Under Your Eyes

When you were younger, you may have had undereye bags occasionally after a night of little sleep, but they typically disappeared quickly. As you aged, the bags may have stayed longer and longer, until one day you noticed that they were a permanent fixture under your eyes.

When the upper eyelid muscles weaken, they can no longer support the fat that pads the lids, and that fat begins to migrate to the area under your eyes, leaving you with a permanent puffiness. Other causes of undereye bags include:

  • Genetics – Bags under the eyes can be a trait that runs in your family.
  • Lifestyle – Alcohol intake and smoking both cause dehydration of the skin around your eyes, along with a diet of salty foods. These factors cause fluid retention and undereye bags.
  • Allergies – Another cause of fluid retention.

While some of these are unavoidable, the good news is that blepharoplasty surgery can eliminate the bags under your eyes, leaving you looking rested and refreshed.

There are several reasons you might think about undergoing an eye lift. If you suffer from any of the following issues, it may be time to schedule an appointment with the experts at New York Plastic Surgery Group to explore your options for blepharoplasty. Call one of our offices today at 888-834-2075 to learn more about how you can enjoy the beautiful results of an eye lift.

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