There are countless reasons why a woman may wish to enhance the appearance of her breasts, and fortunately today there are more augmentation options available than ever to alter the breasts’ appearance safely. Breast augmentation also referred to as breast enlargement or augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that works to increase or restore the size of your natural breasts using artificial implant devices or in some cases, fat from your own body. Common concerns why women may consider breast augmentation often include:

  • You feel your breasts are too small or are disproportionate to the rest of your body
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical, or one breast is noticeably smaller than the other
  • Aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss have caused your breasts to become smaller or less firm
  • You wish to fill out your clothing better
  • Naturally small breasts have taken a toll on your femininity or self-esteem

No matter your concerns, if you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your breasts a breast augmentation at New York Group for Plastic Surgery can restore the balance and proportion of your figure while providing you with a more youthful and shapely bust that lasts for years.

The deep wrinkles on my forehead are gone; my skin is tighter and I have smaller pores.


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Breast Augmentation Options

Breast augmentation is an entirely customizable surgical procedure that today can be tailored around your personal goals, existing body frame, and even your preferences for your future breast size and incision placement. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement that uses your body’s natural fat or a more significant increase through the use of synthetic implants, you and your surgeon at NYGPS will work together to ensure you are fully satisfied with the new look and feel of your breasts before ever making an incision.

Breast Implants – Breast implants are devices composed of a soft silicone outer shell. These shells are filled either with an FDA-approved silicone or saline substance and are placed within your breasts under your existing breast tissue to enhance their natural size and shape as well as their profile, or how far they project from your chest wall. Implant options do not just vary by their filling, but also by their shape (round or anatomical), texture (smooth or textured) and overall size for an infinite number of possibilities.

Autologous Fat Transfer – Breast augmentation through fat transfer works to remove viable fat cells from a region of your body that has excess fat readily available—commonly from the thighs, abdomen or hips. This fat is first gently extracted from the body using liposuction and is then processed and purified to be prepared for injection into the breast. While this method can generally only increase your breasts by a full cup size, it has the benefit of being completely natural, and surviving fat will last indefinitely.

What to Expect From Your Consultation

During your private consultation at one of our two New York Group for Plastic Surgery locations (NYC or Tarrytown), your board-certified plastic surgeon will sit down with you to discuss your breast augmentation options, how the procedure will be performed and what you can expect from your results. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to ask our expert staff any preliminary questions you may have regarding your surgery—from which implant will provide the best results for you to potential risks and complications. Your surgeon at NYGPS will ask you a series of health-related questions and perform a physical examination to confirm that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Breast Size be Determined?

One of the most crucial steps of your consultation will be determining the breast size you’d like to achieve with augmentation. Our goal at New York Group for Plastic Surgery is to help deliver your desired size while providing sound medical input based on years of experience with breast surgery procedures and outcomes. Your specific breast size will be determined by you and your surgeon based on your goals, body type and desired technique for augmentation.

Our office also utilizes Vectra XT 3D-Imaging, a high-resolution imaging technology that processes images of your figure by considering factors like your exact measurements, skin texture and volumetric analysis to virtually allow you to “try on” different types of implants. This advanced soft tissue modeling software provides your surgeon with the tools to show you a 3D simulation of the results of your breast augmentation. The Vectra XT takes the guesswork out of your procedure and provides you with an opportunity to visualize your body with different combinations of implant sizes, shapes and textures.

How Do I Decide Which Type of Implant is Right for Me?

There are two primary categories of breast implant materials—silicone and saline. Within these two categories, implants can vary by being round or anatomically shaped, textured or smooth, and different sizes. While each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, a majority of our patients will opt for silicone implants due to their ability to better mimic the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Saline implants are often considered to be a firmer and rounder implant than silicone; however, their contents can also be safely absorbed by the body in the unlikely event of an implant rupture. Ultimately, the decision for which type of implant is right for you is based on your personal preferences and unique anatomy.

How do You Make the Breast Incisions for Breast Implants? Will I have Scars?

At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons can use one of three incision placements for breast implant insertion:

  • Inframammary fold (IMF): placed underneath the breast, just above the natural fold.
  • Periareolar: placed around the lower edge of the areola, or the darker area of skin surrounding the nipple.
  • Transaxillary: placed near or within the armpit, generally in the fold where your arm meets your chest.

The type of incision you will require for your breast augmentation will be based on your personal preference and your unique anatomy, as well as the size, shape and style of the implants selected. The standard size for incisions used in breast augmentation is between 3-4 cm, and scars are typically small and thin if they do not fade entirely with time. However, patients who have a history of poor scarring due to conditions such as hyperpigmentation may have a small noticeable scar after their procedure.

What Can I Expect During From Breast Augmentation Recovery?

The recovery process from your breast augmentation procedure will vary from patient to patient, and will largely be determined by the augmentation method selected and how closely you follow your aftercare instructions provided by your surgeon. After breast augmentation using implants, your chest region may feel sore and stiff for about week following your operation, and you will be required to wear a compression bra to ensure proper healing. Depending on the nature of your job, you may feel comfortable returning to work after several days to a week. However, strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks to a month after your procedure. Most residual swelling will resolve itself after a month of recovery.

Breast augmentation using autologous fat transfer has a shorter recovery timeline as a less invasive procedure. Though you will still be required to wear a compression bra and limit strenuous activity, many patients feel they can return to work after several days, and residual bruising and swelling will typically resolve in as little as two weeks.

Will I Retain My Nipple Sensation after Breast Augmentation?

Yes, breast augmentation does not usually affect your overall nipple sensation. While nearly all patients who undergo breast augmentation will experience some change or loss in their nipple sensation after their surgery, this should resolve itself over the course of your recovery, generally after about six months.

How Long Will the Results of my Breast Augmentation Last?

Breast implants are both safe and long-lasting and are designed to withstand a considerable amount of pressure or impact. However, while breast implants may be durable, they are also not lifetime devices. Most breast implants are estimated to last an average of ten years; however, it will vary from patient to patient. If your breasts were enhanced using your fat, the surviving fat cells will last indefinitely barring any changes to your body over time. Regardless of the augmentation technique, your breasts will not be immune to the gradual effects of aging or lifestyle changes that may alter their appearance, such as:

  • Pregnancy and nursing
  • Substantial weight loss or weight gain
  • Hormonal factors
  • Gravity, which will pull the breasts down even with implants

Often times, a breast lift is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed to resolve the appearance of sagging breasts over time. However, you may also require a breast implant revision surgery if your implant preferences change, or in the unlikely event of an implant rupture or complication. Additional fat transfers may also be required depending on how your body retains the transferred fat. For these reasons, it’s essential to maintain a good relationship with your plastic surgeon after your breast augmentation at New York Group for Plastic Surgery for any future concerns you may encounter.

Breast augmentation today is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, and with so many advanced and customizable options available, it can be intimidating to know which augmentation technique, breast size or implant option is right for you. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we specialize in breast augmentation surgery and are here to guide you each step of the way. Contact our office today at 800-433-7410 to see what breast augmentation can do for you.

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