Considering a breast augmentation? Breast augmentation refers to the process of making your breasts larger. This is typically accomplished by inserting an implant into the breast through a small incision. The breast implant is placed under your own breast tissue and will look like a natural part of your breast.

We also have a new way to augment your breasts without using implants, with a procedure called “fat transfer.” We remove some of your own fat from your buttocks or abdomen using a liposuction technique — many women consider this an added benefit! — and process the fat for immediate insertion into your breasts for augmentation.

The deep wrinkles on my forehead are gone; my skin is tighter and I have smaller pores.


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The NYGPS Staff Will Help You Every Step of the Way

A lot of breast augmentation decision making is based on desired look, breast implant size chosen and each woman’s unique anatomy. Make an appointment today with one of our experienced cosmetic surgeons to see which breast augmentation option is right for you!

What to Expect At Your Consultation

During your private appointment in one of our offices (NYC or Tarrytown), your plastic surgeon will sit with you for a face-to-face conversation to explain how your breast augmentation, at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, is performed and the results you can expect. During this time, we’ll answer any ancillary questions you may have regarding your breast augmentation. Your surgeon will ask you a series of health-related questions and physically examine you to confirm that you are a candidate for a breast augmentation procedure.

Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure?
  • Why or why not?
  • What should I realistically expect from a breast augmentation procedure in terms of my cosmetic outcome?
  • Where will you perform my breast augmentation procedure and how long will the procedure take?
  • How many breast augmentation procedures do you typically do in a year?
  • How long is my recovery expected to take and how will feel?
  • Will I be able to care for myself?
  • Will I have lifting and exercise restrictions for a time?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation?
  • How would you handle them?
  • Can I see before-and-after photos from other patients?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Breast Size be Determined?

An important part of your consultation will be deciding on the breast size you’d like to achieve with augmentation. Our goal is to make you happy in achieving your desired size, and to provide input based on our years of experience with cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery procedures and outcomes. We will discuss your goals in consideration of your body type, and then give you the opportunity to see how you will actually look with various breast sizes. The New York Group for Plastic Surgery uses advanced 3D imaging technology that shows you how your breasts will actually look with added volume. We take pictures of your body at different angles and save them to our 3D simulation computer. We then “virtually fill” your breasts with various size breast implants so you can immediately see for yourself on the computer monitor what your breasts will look like with implants of various profiles and volume. You will also have the chance to physically try on different types and sizes of breast implants from the samples we keep in our offices.

How Do I Decide Between Different Types of Breast Implants?

There are two main categories of breast implants — silicone and saline. We recommend silicone breast implants for most of our patients because they look and feel more natural in the breasts than saline, which is a firmer, rounder implant. The type of breast implant we ultimately recommend for a woman, whether silicone or saline, round or anatomically shaped, textured or smooth, will depend on her individual anatomy and desired overall outcome.

Will My Enhanced Breasts Feel Natural?

Yes, your breasts will still feel natural after augmentation, especially with silicone gel breast implants. Augmentation using your own transferred fat will also look and feel very natural.

How do You Make the Breast Incisions for Breast Implants? Will I have Scars?

Our surgeons perform breast augmentation through one of three incisions:

  • IMF (inframammary fold), the natural fold underneath the breast
  • Peri areolar, along the border of the bottom of the areola; it usually extends from the “3 o’clock to 6 o’clock” position
  • Transaxillary, within the armpit

The type of incision is based on preference combined with your particular anatomy and chosen breast implant size. The incision for a breast augmentation is approximately 3—4 cm, which is very small. The scar is usually very thin and fades with time. Sutures are not visible and dissolve on their own. However, patients who have a history or poor scarring such as keloiding or hyper pigmentation are at risk to have similar experiences with their breast augmentation incision.

Will I Retain My Nipple Sensation after Breast Augmentation?

Yes. Breast augmentation does not affect your nipple sensation.

How Long Do Breast Augmentation Results Last?

You can expect your breast augmentation results to last indefinitely; however, there are various factors that may lead to some drooping of your breasts over a period of time. These include:

  • Pregnancy and nursing
  • Substantial weight gain and/or loss
  • Gravity, which pulls the breasts down over time

Breast implants typically remain in good shape for many years, so often we can perform a relatively simple “fix” with a breast lift procedure, leaving the implants in place. However, if the breast implants have been in for well more than a decade and are in need of replacing, that is done along with the lift.

Get Started With Breast Augmentation Surgery

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