Breast Implant Revision New York

Patients who have experienced an unsatisfactory outcome following their initial breast augmentation or reconstructive procedure are looking for the very best in medical care. The surgeons at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery are leading specialists, and nationally recognized pioneers in the use of biologic materials to correct deformities, in breast implant revision and breast reconstruction surgery.

Patients consult with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery to correct:

  • Mal-Positioned Implants – Breast implants that are incorrectly positioned: too low, too far to the side or center
  • Wrinkled or Rippled Implants
  • Extraordinary Scar Tissue around one or both implants – capsular contracture
  • Stretched Tissues around one or both implants
  • Ptosis or sagging breast implants and tissues
  • Symmastia or “Uni-breast”
  • Implant rupture
  • Correction of Radiation Problems

Breast implant repair

Breast implant repair, or secondary breast implant revision surgery, involves matching and repair of your body’s tissue with your breast implants so that the position, shape and texture of your breast implants are natural and beautiful.

Breast implant revision surgery is a specialized procedure that involves many of the techniques of breast reconstruction. Complications following an initial breast augmentation surgery, generally, usually arise from a lack of support or adequate tissue structure necessary for the proper position, appearance and placement of the implant.

Breast implant revision patients at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery consult with nationally recognized specialists in the use of new materials, such as Strattice and an Acellular dermal matrix such as Alloderm or Dermacell, utilized as tissue substitutes to stabilize the breast implant location with additional support and repair of your body’s tissue. At times, meshes may be used for similar purposes.

In addition to enhance contours, fat transfer from your abdomen, hips or thighs or other location, may be used to enhance the natural shape and texture of your breast implants.

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