Facelift & Neck Lift in New York

We all want to look our best. Having a youthful face plays a key role in an attractive appearance — but time, stress, gravity and the elements are perpetually working against us. The results of these stressors can be seen on your face and neck in the form of sagging skin, wrinkles, jowls or a hanging “turkey wattle.” Fortunately, these flaws can be improved with a facelift and neck lift in New York.

Women and men all over the NYC, Tarrytown and Tri-State areas have discovered that a facelift in New York from the New York Group for Plastic Surgery can help them look as good as they feel. They trust our practice because we have been satisfying patients in the area for over 27 years. The goal of our team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons is to make your experience pleasant, rewarding and effective at achieving your goals.

The deep wrinkles on my forehead are gone; my skin is tighter and I have smaller pores.


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Improvements from Neck and Face Lift in New York

Facelift cosmetic surgery in New York, technically called rhytidectomy, improves the lower face by tightening facial muscles and removing fat tissue and excess skin. Our New York facelift patients choose facial enhancement for many personal reasons, which often include:

  • Correcting deep wrinkles in the cheeks
  • Smoothing deep marionette lines (the folds of skin that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin)
  • Smooth deep nasolabial folds (the creases that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth)
  • Tightening loose skin and muscles
  • Reducing the appearance of jowls

A neck lift can complement a facelift by:

  • Achieving a well-defined jawline
  • Removing excess fat from the neck
  • Correcting a double chin
  • Smoothing wrinkles on the neck
  • Eliminating loose, excess skin
  • Reducing the appearance of vertical muscle bands (platysmal bands)

These procedures are usually performed together, but some patients can achieve their desired results with only a neck lift or facelift. Your surgeon will help you decide what is best for you at your personal consultation in our New York office. Be sure to review our gallery of before-and-after photos to see the results of some of our actual facelift and neck lift patients.

Customized Treatment Planning

Any procedure performed on the face is delicate and complex. Even subtle alterations can have a significant impact on a patient’s overall facial aesthetic, so it’s critical to choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in this area. At the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Salzberg and Dr. Jacobs are highly regarded in their field and offer an impressive combination of training, experience, aesthetic sensibility and a wide range of specialties.

During your initial consultation, your NYGPS surgeon will thoroughly discuss your concerns and goals for the procedure, review your medical history and answer any questions that may be on your mind. Our surgeons tailor each facelift to the client in order to preserve unique features and organic expression. While some patients may only need a facelift and neck lift to achieve their goals, others may benefit from including additional procedures in their treatment plan. Your NYC plastic surgeon will help you explore your options and determine the approach that will maximize your results during your consultation.

What to Expect From Your Facelift and Neck Lift in New York

Your facelift and neck lift at NYGPS is performed in our on-site, outpatient facility, either under heavy sedation or general anesthesia. Because this procedure requires extreme precision, it can take your surgeon several hours to complete. Additional procedures will increase the length of your surgery. You will need someone to drive you home and help you out for a few days afterward.

Your recovery time will depend on the extent of your surgery. You should expect to have bruising, swelling and stiff facial movements for the first few weeks. Medications will be prescribed to assist with any postoperative discomfort if needed. After this initial healing period has passed, your improvements will gradually be revealed. Most patients are able to return to light activity, including work, after about two weeks. More strenuous activities can be resumed a few weeks later. To promote proper healing, you should limit sun exposure for several months.

Facelift and neck lift surgery have helped millions of women and men achieve a more youthful appearance. Once your recovery is complete, you will be able to enjoy smoother, firmer skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and jowls. You will also notice improved contours of your neck and jawline, as well as an overall restoration of a more rested, vibrant look. Today’s advanced surgical techniques produce natural-looking results, while avoiding the overly pulled or “windswept” look that was sometimes seen in the past. Your NYGPS surgeon will listen to your goals, assess your needs and anatomy, and focus only on what needs to be done to address your aesthetic priorities and enhance your unique features.

When approached with realistic expectations about the improvements a facelift and neck lift can provide, our New York patients are usually quite pleased with the outcome of their surgery. Our surgeons are proud to produce natural-looking results — the only thing your friends will notice is a more youthful, energetic, refreshed-looking you.

Only the Beginning

Our patients often combine their neck lift and facelift in our New York offices with other surgical procedures for a more comprehensive facial enhancement. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and brow lift surgery are two of the most popular options. Some patients also choose facial implants to build up or define an area of their face, such as receding chin or shallow cheekbones. Nonsurgical treatments such as injectable fillers and skin resurfacing options also pair well with facelift procedures. NYGPS offers a full menu of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to choose from, performed by highly trained surgeons and staff members who can help you find the right combination for your aesthetic goals.

Neck Lift and Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

Can a facelift improve wrinkles around my eyes and forehead?

No. Although the name “facelift” may make it sound like the procedure enhances the entire face, facelift surgery focuses on the lower two-thirds of the face only. Neither the forehead nor the eyes is directly affected by facelift surgery. Cosmetic concerns in these areas (such as horizontal forehead creases, drooping eyelids or crow’s feet) must be addressed with different procedures that can be done alone or in combination with a facelift for complete facial rejuvenation.

Are there different kinds of facelift?

There are a range of options available when it comes to improving the appearance of the face. A traditional facelift refreshes the entire lower region of the face. As the most extensive option, it is usually the best choice for patients with deep folds and a significant amount of sagging skin. Other techniques, like a mini facelift or midface lift, focus on smaller problem areas. They are known for shortened downtime and reduced scarring. These options achieve the best results for patients with less advanced signs of aging. Your NYGPS surgeon will help you determine which procedure will produce the outcome you envision for yourself.

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to a facelift?

For less severe cases of loose, sagging skin, your surgeon might recommend you try BOTOX® Cosmetic injections or dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Radiesse® or JUVÉDERM® from our on-site medical spa. These treatments can achieve a more youthful look in minutes, but they are not the right solution for everyone. Injectables are temporary and require regular maintenance to maintain results. They are also limited in what they can achieve compared to surgical techniques. Strategic use of nonsurgical treatments can delay the need for cosmetic surgery for years, and when signs of aging become more advanced, a facelift can produce the most dramatic improvements.

Are facelift results permanent?

The answer is both yes and no. The improvements from facelift surgery are long-lasting — typically from five to 10 years — but no surgery can stop the aging process or affect contributing factors. Your skin will continue to age, but it will always look more beautiful and youthful than it would have without the procedure. Imagine that you have a twin. You have a facelift; your twin does not. You will look years younger than your twin after surgery. A decade from now, you will still look younger even if the improvements from your procedure have faded. In that sense, a facelift can last the rest of your life.

Will there be visible scarring?

Scarring is a possibility any time an incision is made in the skin. Facelift incisions are made in discreet locations around the natural creases of the ears or within the hairline. Neck lift incisions are also placed in the hairline or around the contours of the chin. Your NYGPS surgeon will make the incisions as small as possible to reduce healing time and minimize scarring, without compromising your results. Scars from these procedures can be virtually undetectable once they have healed. Strict adherence to your aftercare instructions will reduce the risk of conspicuous scars.

Am I a candidate for a facelift and/or a neck lift?

New York women and men who are ready to restore their face and neck can achieve a dramatic improvement that appears fresh, natural and appealing. Ideal candidates are concerned with moderate to advanced signs of aging in the lower face and upper neck. Most are in their 40s or above, but there is no age requirement for a facelift or a neck lift. Younger individuals can be candidates for these procedures if it is determined that they would benefit. Candidates for any surgery should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for what the procedure can achieve.

To confirm your candidacy and begin planning your surgery, we invite you to schedule your initial consultation with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery. Your personalized consultation with your NYGPS surgeon will identify the approach that is best suited to your skin and facial structure, so you can enjoy results that are beautiful, natural and last for many years to come. Contact the New York Group for Plastic Surgery today at 212-844-8796 (New York City) or 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown) to get started.