Ashlea Hoess is certified in Advanced Aesthetics and skilled in the latest technology, the most beneficial skin care lines and non-invasive procedures to benefit all skin types.

Ashlea is certified in chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments. Her specialties include Anti-aging and improving skin tone/firmness, sensitive skin, visible capillaries, melasma, rosacea and stage I-IV acne patients

Ashlea is passionate about skin care: “My approach to skin care is about creating skin wellness, and using products and techniques to balance the skin; bringing it back to function like younger healthy skin.”

“I am a firm believer that key ingredients, proper maintenance, and a healthy lifestyle all promote healthy skin; I direct my clients to whatever I believe will help each individual achieve their goals. Some slight adjustments in one’s routine can make a huge difference in growing old gracefully!”

Welcome to Spa Nouvelle at the New York Group

When you look your best, it’s natural to feel your best. But, most busy New York women and men don’t have time to shop around for a high-quality medical spa. When you find a good thing, you know the benefits of sticking with it.

To get great results with your skin care professional, you need to have patience and be consistent with your treatments. Despite many marketing claims, there are no one-time fix all products – skin care is a process. You need to be consistent with facials, exfoliation, injections, and fillers, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet.

The ‘keys to the puzzle’ of Anti-aging skin care, are:

  • a specialist that is trained to properly cleanse and extract without damaging the skin to keep your pores clean with an even tone to the skin
  • increasing the rate of cell turnover of your skin with chemical or mechanical exfoliation (chemical peel or microdermabrasion)
  • increase collagen production
  • decrease hyperpigmentation

Ashlea knows that the way to beautiful skin is by putting together a regimen for spa and home care: “I stand by exfoliation treatments; over the years I have seen many positive results from these treatments. It is extremely important to find an aesthetician that can create a routine that will give you the results that you want. Many other treatments can be added to your facial depending on your age, what your concerns are, and how fast you want results.”

The New York Group for Plastic Surgery has improved the appearance and self-esteem of women and men in the Tarrytown and Tri-State communities for over 32 years with high-quality aesthetic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery services. Let our on-site medical spa take feeling good one step further. Spa Nouvelle at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery offers a variety of spa treatments to pamper your whole body, and specialized services that will leave you looking refreshed and renewed.

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