Is Botox the Right Injectable Treatment for Me?

Botox is an injectable cosmetic treatment that can be used to reverse some signs of aging on the face. It has become one of the most requested aesthetic procedures today, thanks to its quick procedural time, minimally-invasive nature and no recovery period. To determine whether Botox is the right injectable treatment for your needs, […]

Liquid Facelift: Turn Back the Clock without Surgery

A surgical facelift is the most effective way to restore youthful firmness to the skin. However, not everyone has the ability to commit to a surgical procedure right away. Today, liquid facelifts are helping many patients bridge the gap, smoothing away early signs of aging and warding off the need for a more invasive […]

Facelift, Brow Lift or Neck Lift: Which is Right for You?

Rejuvenating your appearance is easier today than ever before, thanks to a myriad of surgical techniques that have been refined to produce natural, long-lasting results. With many procedures to choose from, it can be difficult to know which procedure will meet your specific needs best. To help you with your decision, we have provided […]

4 Reasons to Consider a Laser Neck Lift

The neck is often one of the first places to belie the passing of years, with loose skin that gives the impression of a double chin and jowls. By melting away small pockets of fat and tightening and firming skin in the neck area, we can effectively turn back the clock on your appearance […]

Options in Body Contouring

Body contouring procedure have become an effective way to sculpt the body profile and create a leaner, firmer appearance. Liposuction is typically the go-to choice for moderate body contouring, with the ability to create dramatic results with less discomfort and downtime than more invasive surgical procedures. At the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, […]

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Change Your Body, Change Your Life! Become The Very Best You In 2015 With A Little Help From The NY Group

We’ve all heard it before – “new year, new you”, or so the saying goes! However, so many of us struggle with “diet and exercise resistant” fat, i.e. the stubborn bumps and bulges that never shrink, despite a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. If you hit the gym and eat right but still aren’t […]

Dr. Maura Reinblatt has joined the New York Group

The New York Group for Plastic Surgery announces that Dr. Maura Reinblatt has joined our team of highly-qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

An Assistant Professor and Attending Plastic Surgeon of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Reinblatt will apply her exceptional abilities to cosmetic surgeries, breast cancer reconstruction, and […]

Will You Be Giving Or Receiving The Gift Of Beauty This Year?

Why You Should Put Plastic Surgery in New York On Your Holiday Wish List

Have you been considering a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery procedure available at NY Group for Plastic Surgery? While expensive jewelry or a car used to be the grand gift gesture of choice, more and more men and women are putting […]

Post-Surgery Bra: American Sports Bra

Dr. Salzberg is quoted on Plastic Surgery Practice on the benefits of the American Sports Bra.

Help! There are so many different sports bras out there and every surgeon seems to have a different opinion regarding which bra is best status post-breast surgery. Not to mention that every time I go in for a bra […]

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