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Fly in for Breast Reconstruction

How the process works

Dr. Salzberg offers women a simple, more comfortable process of mastectomy breast reconstruction known as Direct to Implant, or “One-Step.” The procedure was invented by Dr. Salzberg and is practiced for hundreds of women who live locally or fly in from across the country for their care. Dr. Salzberg performs the direct to implant procedure as part of breast cancer treatment, or prevention for women at high risk due to BRCA mutations or family history.

You may choose the revolutionary procedure either above or below the chest muscles depending on your breast before surgery and according to your lifestyle and activities.

Dr. Salzberg’s skills and experience, along with his compassionate demeanor, draws patients from across the U.S. and even overseas to the New York Group for Plastic Surgery for mastectomy breast reconstruction as immediate or revisional surgery. For the majority of women, their surgical procedure requires them to stay in the area for 7—10 days. They can then return home to complete their recovery.

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Personal Attention To Your Needs From The Start

Your first step is to call us for a surgical phone or video consult appointment. Our surgical coordinators will arrange for a specific, dedicated time for surgical staff to “meet” with you to explain our procedure and answer your questions. You will need to send us your photos, your medical history and any test results in HIPPA compliant fashion thru or specialized EPIC system in advance, so we may provide you with individualized information for your particular situation.

Once you have decided to pursue surgery with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we will begin the process of insurance authorization. We work with ALL insurance companies. We will send you a comprehensive packet that includes details of the procedure, relevant scientific literature related to the procedure, pre-op instructions for the weeks and days leading up to your surgery, and information related to recovery and what to expect after your surgery.

Your Surgical Week In Review

Typically, our direct to implant breast reconstruction patients will make travel arrangements for a schedule that looks like this:

  • Arrive the day before surgery in order to have visits with us in our office with special 3D imaging, and a visit to the breast surgeon’s office. Sometimes patients come in even a few days earlier than these appointments to take advantage of great restaurants, Broadway shows, or other attractions in New York City. At these appointments, you will have a face to face consultation where you may get any last-minute questions answered, view before and after photos, and meet additional staff members who will assist the surgeons in your medical care.
  • On the day of surgery, your companion can stay with you in the hospital up until you are taken to the operating room. Your mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction surgery will take approximately 3 hours, followed by an hour or so in the recovery area.
  • You’ll stay in the hospital for 2 nights, and your companion can stay in your room with you, if you choose.
    When you leave the hospital, you can go home if you live within a few hours drive, or stay at a nearby hotel to rest and recuperate. If you feel up to it, you can even take short visits to nearby shopping malls or restaurants.
  • We’ll see you in our offices within 5 days from your surgery for a check, then again a few days later to remove your drains. If you are doing well, as expected, you can travel home. Thus, you will have your drains for 7 days.
  • If you are close enough for a follow-up, we suggest a return visit at 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months out from surgery. If you live too far for repeated visits, we will continue to follow up with you through email and video phone calls. We will ask you to send us photos as well so that we may follow your healing progression.

Our Goal: The Best Care With Less Stress

We strive to reduce your stress and make it as convenient for you as possible while you’re here for surgery. We’ll schedule your pre- and post-op office visits in advance, including coordinating with your breast surgeon’s office. We’ll provide options for hotels located within a close to our offices and the hospital. Many nearby hotels offer suites complete with master bedrooms, living areas and kitchens, so you can make yourself more at home while recovering after surgery. There are numerous airports in the NY area to fly into, including the nearby NYC and White Plains Airport.

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Support For You And Your Family

We will actively communicate with you and be sure you feel as comfortable and informed as possible before and after your surgery.

After surgery and during your hospital stay there are nurses in charge of your care day and night, and if you choose, your family member or other caregiver is welcome to stay overnight in the hospital room with you.


You don’t need to bring much with you when traveling to us for surgery. In addition to your usual toiletries, we suggest:

  • Insurance and prescription cards, as well as other medical documents you may need
  • 4 or 5 slightly oversized shirts that button or zipper down the front
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting pants (sweat or yoga pants) and pajama bottoms
  • Pillow to place between yourself and the seat belt in the car or plane during post-surgery travel
  • “Sippy” or other spill-proof cups to hold water
  • Lozenges to soothe your throat, which may be a bit sore the day after surgery due to intubation for anesthesia
  • The following hotels, located near our Tarrytown offices, are familiar with our practice and many of our patients have stayed in them while recovering. Some offer a bit more pampering, while others offer suite accommodations that feel more like home.

A full list of our recommended Accommodations and Attractions are found here.


The New York Group for Plastic Surgery surgeons and support staff consider you our patient for the long run, not just while you are physically in our care. We continue to provide guidance and support as you heal. Most women won’t have cause to fly back to us for follow-up, but if you do, we will again do our best to provide optimal care and convenience, and we’ll always make you feel welcome.

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