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Newborn Ear Correction

non-surgical newborn ear correction

Genetic factors and ear positioning within the womb can lead to congenital ear irregularities in babies, such as misfolded or misshapen ears. However, a newborn’s ears are extremely pliable and malleable during the first few weeks after birth because of a high level of maternal estrogen. The board-certified plastic surgeons at New York Group for Plastic Surgery use a cutting-edge splinting and molding device (EarWell) for non-surgical newborn ear correction, thus reshaping the newborn’s ears without incisions or surgery.

What is EarWell?

EarWell is a non-surgical and non-invasive newborn ear correction system that allows surgeons to correct infant ear deformities without incisions or surgery. It’s a non-invasive ear molding device that can gradually change the infant’s ear shape, thus correcting the irregularities. This treatment relies on the fact that newborn babies have a large volume of circulating material estrogen in the ears, making the ear cartilage extremely pliable. For optimal results, newborn ear correction should be done during the baby’s first six weeks.

Common Newborn Ear Deformities:

  • Overly prominent ears
  • Constricted ears
  • Ear lidding
  • Cryptotia, i.e., “hidden” ear
  • Stahl’s ear, also known as “elf ears”
  • Earlobe deformities
  • Lop ear
  • Helical rim ear
  • Earlobe cleft
  • Mixed deformities

Benefits of Newborn Ear Correction

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive procedure
  • Ear splinting with Earwells is as simple as placing a band-aid
  • Suitable for over 90% of all newborn ear irregularities
  • Corrects a wide range of external ear abnormalities
  • Avoid complex ear surgeries in the future
  • Save the child from ear-related teasing and bullying

The Newborn Ear Correction Process

Newborn ear correction is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure performed within the surgeon’s office without pain medications. The surgeon trims a small strip of hair around the deformed ear to place the EarWell device onto the baby’s ears. The EarWell device is fastened to the ear using a special adhesive tape. Using the non-invasive EarWell splint, the surgeon reshapes the infant’s ears into the optimal position. The EarWell device is allowed to remain for 2 weeks, following which the splint is changed or removed.

Newborn Ear Correction Instructions:

  • Ensure the EarWell splint remains dry
  • Avoid breast milk, water, formula, and other liquid around the splint
  • Examine the baby’s ears twice a day to ensure the splint is fastened
  • Observe the baby’s ears regularly for signs of drainage or a change in skin color
  • Contact the surgeon if the baby’s ear looks red or white or if the splint is loose
  • Reinforce the splint using paper tape according to the doctor’s instructions

Side Effects of Newborn Ear Correction

Newborn ear correction with EarWell is a completely safe procedure with minimal risks and side effects. The most common side effect is that the baby’s ears might look red and irritated because of the adhesive tape. The risk of infection is negligible, and, in rare cases, the procedure may not produce the desired results. However, non-surgical newborn ear correction is suitable for over 90% of all cases. Your surgeon will carefully examine your baby to ensure they’re suitable for newborn ear correction.

Does My Child Need Ear Correction?

Non-surgical newborn ear correction with EarWell is mostly suitable for newborn babies up to 3 months. Approximately one-third of all babies are born with misshapen ears that can be addressed with newborn ear correction. This procedure has the highest chance of success if performed during the first three weeks of the baby’s life, especially since it can take several weeks to achieve the desired results. If you believe your baby might need an ear correction, please contact your surgeon immediately.

Why Choose New York Group for Plastic Surgery?

New York Group for Plastic Surgery is led by highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in the latest and safest ear correction techniques. We use the cutting-edge EarWell device to mold or reshape the baby’s misshapen ears without incisions, surgeries, or pain for the baby. If your baby displays signs and symptoms of ear deformities or irregularities, please schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeons in New York City or Tarrytown.

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