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What Is SGAP Flap?

The SGAP Flap is mainly used as an alternative to breast reconstruction and requires significant microsurgical experience to harvest. GAP is the acronym for gluteal artery perforator, which is a blood vessel that runs through the buttocks. An SGAP flap (Superior gluteal artery perforator) uses this blood vessel and a section of the skin and fat from the upper buttocks to reconstruct the breast. An SGAP flap does not use any muscle in the reconstruction process.

This procedure is most suited for women who can’t use tissue from the abdomen. That is because either they lack sufficient donor fat in the abdomen area or have had previous surgeries in the area, like a tummy tuck.

What happens in the procedure?

In an SGAP flap surgery, fat, skin, and blood vessels are cut from the upper buttocks and moved to the chest to rebuild the breast. The surgeon carefully reattaches the blood vessels of the flap to blood vessels in the chest using microsurgery. Since skin and fat are used from the buttocks in the procedure, it also results in tighter buttocks, like in a buttock lift.

The procedure may leave a scar at the top of the buttocks, but it can be easily covered with underwear.

Benefits of SGAP flap surgery

The benefits of SGAP flap surgery include:

  • Compared to other flap surgeries, the incisions and scarring are placed beneath the underwear line for optimal concealment
  • The gluteal muscle is kept intact during the procedure
  • In some cases, it may tighten the skin around the buttocks creating a youthful-looking lift
  • Since it uses the patient’s own tissue, it creates a more natural-looking outcome
  • There is no chance of tissue rejection, especially when compared with breast reconstruction using implants
  • Since it gives a natural appearance, it improves body image and self-confidence, which in turn, improves the overall quality of life

Who should consider an SGAP flap surgery?

An SGAP flap surgery may be suitable for your needs if:

  • You have undergone a mastectomy or are planning to undergo one
  • Lumpectomy or radiation has damaged your breasts
  • You have had previous abdominal surgeries which prevent grafting from the abdomen area.
  • You have insufficient skin or tissue along the abdomen area
  • You are currently not undergoing any radiation treatments on your chest or upper arm area
  • You are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts

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