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Migraine Surgery

Don't Let a Migraine Get in Your Way

More than 35 million Americans suffer from migraine symptoms: nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and massive and debilitating headaches. Their search for migraine treatments, headache relief and avoidance of triggers at home and at work can take many years of searching for the right combination of behavioral and pharmacological solutions.

For some patients, many years of search and therapy can be without success; there may come a time to consider a surgical procedure for permanent migraine relief.

Known as Surgical Deactivation of Migraine Headache Trigger Sites or Surgical Deactivation of Headache Trigger Sites, this procedure identifies and deactivates migraine trigger points around the face in order to provide relief from migraine symptoms.

Migraine Surgery Candidates

Migraine surgery procedures are not for individuals who have first been diagnosed with migraines. Careful candidate screening requires that our New York migraine surgery patients first be diagnosed by a neurologist for chronic migraine headaches:

  • Are your migraine headaches poorly managed or do you have side effects from current treatments?
  • Have you tried multiple therapies to alleviate or prevent migraine headaches?
  • Do you have migraine headaches that last 2 to 4 hours or more at least twice a month?

Has your neurologist given you a diagnosis of migraine disease?
If you answered affirmatively to these questions, and you are in good health, you are likely a candidate for migraine surgery

Migraine Relief From Botox

Botox has been approved by the FDA for treatment of chronic migraine headaches in adults. Once classified, the specific location of a trigger point can be confirmed by Botox injections at the site. While these injections provide only temporary relief, they identify the combination of trigger points for each of our New York migraine surgery patients.

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Trigger Point Diagnosis

There are four different types or definitions of migraine pain that are classified according to the anatomical zone or migraine trigger point location:

  • Temporal Migraines originate at one or both of your temples and many include a history of grinding your teeth and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) discomfort. Surgical deactivation of this trigger site targets the trigeminal nerve. This surgery requires an upper eyelid or incision at the hairline.
  • Forehead Migraines originate between the eyes or above the eyebrows. Surgical deactivation of this trigger site involves an approach similar to a cosmetic forehead lift and targets the glabellar muscles and the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves with an upper eyelid or hairline incision.
  • Nasal Migraines originate behind the eyes and nose. Surgical deactivation of this trigger site involves cosmetic surgery of the septum or sinuses to correct a deviated septum or any anatomical deficiencies that are causing a pressurized nasal discomfort.
  • Occipital Migraines originate at the back of the neck. Surgical deactivation of these trigger sites targets specific sites of the greater occipital nerve and associated muscles of the back of the neck.

The initial assessment of each of our New York migraine surgery patients is based on the precise originating classification of their migraine trigger point locations.

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Surgical Deactivation Of Migraine Headache Trigger Sites

Surgical procedures for migraine relief involve the permanent deactivation of each of the migraine trigger points with muscle or nerve release surgery. Trigger point release works by removing the pressure on the actual trigger sites that cause migraines. Each patient has their own combination of migraine trigger points.

Most surgeries take 2 to 3 hours on an outpatient basis and most patients return to work in about a week. Permanent relief from migraine symptoms may occur immediately or up to 4 weeks following surgery.


Do you want to learn more about Migraine Surgery in New York? New York patients can request a consultation online or give us a call at 888-834-2075 (New York City office) or 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown office). The New York Group for Plastic Surgery serves patients from communities in the entire Hudson River Valley, Northern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Connecticut.

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