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Ethnic Rhinoplasty
New York City

When considering an ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC, it’s important to choose a surgeon who possesses a profound comprehension of the distinctions in facial features among various ethnic groups. New York Group for Plastic Surgery has decades of combined experience serving patients of various ethnic backgrounds.

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Your nose can be an essential component of your ethnic identity and heritage. It may carry signifiers of your ethnic background, which you wouldn’t want to lose while pursuing a rhinoplasty. Ethnic rhinoplasty refers to nose jobs that allow you to transform your facial features, modify the shape, size, or symmetry of your nose while still retaining your identity.

Finding a Surgeon in NYC

If you’re pursuing an ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC, you must find a surgeon with a strong understanding of the differences between the facial features of different ethnic groups. They must understand how to carve and create contours that align with your overall facial features and give you a balanced look without resorting to a eurocentric template. This is especially important for patients of Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian ethnic backgrounds.

The Premier Center for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

New York Group for Plastic Surgery is one of the premier plastic surgery centers in New York, with offices in Westchester and Orange County. Our surgeons have decades of combined experience serving patients of various ethnic backgrounds, and they’re often visited by patients from across the globe. Below, we describe the unique aspects of rhinoplasty for different ethnic groups.

pretty woman from asian background after ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC

East Asian Rhinoplasty

Patients from East Asian backgrounds, such as the Philippines, China, and Korea, usually opt for more definition of the:

  • nose bridge
  • nostril base narrowing
  • nasal tip refinement.

In these situations, we often use cartilage grafts harvested from other parts of the body, such as the ears or ribs, to enhance the nose bridge and nasal tip support. We don’t use foreign materials and implants, such as silicone, because they increase the risk of infections and complications.

beautiful black woman after ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC

African American Rhinoplasty

The size, shape, and projection of the nose vary considerably from one individual to the next in the African American community. However, African American patients generally have a softer cartilage framework, wider nostrils, thicker skin, and sometimes a flatter nose. While everyone has unique expectations from their procedures, African American patients often seek:

  • nasal tip refinement
  • nostril reshaping

This can be done with a technique called alar base narrowing, also known as alarplasty, which reduces the look of flaring nostrils.

Before & After Ethnic Rhinoplasty

handsome man with middle eastern background after ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty in NYC is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures amongst patients with Middle Eastern backgrounds. Patients descended from different parts of the Middle East have different facial features, so it’s fairly difficult to make generalized statements. However, Middle Eastern patients often opt to:

  • reduce the Dorsal hump on the nose
  • reduce the nostrils and nasal tip

We carefully chisel away the cartilage and soft tissues to help you achieve the desired contours.

Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Consultation

Your rhinoplasty journey starts with a personalized consultation with our plastic surgeons at New York Group for Plastic Surgery. During the planning phase, our surgeons carefully examine your facial features and discuss your goals and concerns. You may already have some expectations, whether that’s reducing the nostril size, increasing nasal tip projection, or reducing the Dorsal hump.

Our surgeons will curate a personalized surgical plan based on your goals. We can also provide an overview of the expected results using a cutting-edge digital imaging system, allowing you to visualize the results in advance.

Please schedule an appointment at our conveniently located offices in Westchester or Orange County, New York, to start the process, and see why The New York Group for Plastic Surgery delivers the best ethnic rhinoplasty NYC has to offer.

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