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PAP Flap

Regain healthy, shapely breasts

One of the most common breast reconstruction procedures, the PAP flap is a safe way to regain healthy, shapely and functioning breasts. Our team at New York Group for Plastic Surgery has years of experience in performing PAP flaps.

Our plastic surgeons are renowned across New York for their precision, skill and empathy. Feel free to speak to us today to learn more about the procedure and schedule a consultation.

What does a PAP flap procedure entail?

The PAP flap, also called “profunda artery perforator” flap procedure, is a surgery that is most commonly recommended to patients who require breast reconstruction. In this surgery, our specialists use fat, skin tissue and blood vessels from your posterior thigh to reconstruct a shapely and healthy breast mound after a mastectomy.

The PAP flap creates a very natural breast mound that can help restore your form and help you regain your self-esteem. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we use globally benchmarked micro-surgical procedures to perform the PAP flap. We use cutting-edge technology that allows us to precisely place blood vessels and connect the smallest tissues together, to ensure a healthy and aesthetic breast mound.

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Who can get PAP flap surgery?

The PAP flap procedure can be undergone by anyone who wishes to have their breast reconstructed after cancer treatment. In particular, PAP flap can help you if:

  • You do not have sufficient fat in the abdominal region
  • Fat in the lower part of your body is distributed unevenly and cannot be harvested with ease
  • You’ve undergone abdominal surgery in the past
  • You do not want or cannot get silicone implants
  • Other types of breast reconstruction surgeries did not yield the desired results
  • You wish to get a small-to-medium-sized breast mound

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Benefits of PAP flap

One of the primary reasons PAP flap is recommended is that it is ideal for all patients. If you are not eligible for the SIEA or DIEP surgical procedures, your plastic surgeon will recommend the PAP flap.

Other benefits of PAP flap include:

  • Reduced risk of tissue rejection post-surgery – since the tissues and vessels are your own
  • Very natural results due to the unique elliptical tissue shape
  • Safer surgery compared to other options, because of long blood vessels
  • Barely visible scarring, which allows you to have the wardrobe you want
  • No impact to thigh muscles or movement post-surgery

PAP flap surgery is a very safe procedure that our surgeons at New York Group for Plastic Surgery specialize in. We will sit with you to discuss your needs and reconstruct a breast mound that is healthy and helps you feel beautiful and confident.

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After the surgery

The PAP flap procedure is a serious surgery and you will be expected to stay at our New York Group for Plastic Surgery facility for a few days. Our plastic surgeons will observe your recovery and facilitate your healing.

During your stay here, we will help you learn the care practices you need to follow after getting discharged. You will also be made to wear a chest compression garment for a few weeks to ensure your new breast stays in place and in shape. This also reduces post-surgical inflammation quickly.

Complete recovery can take up to 2-3 months. Our surgeons will be able to inform you about the timeline. During this time, you are advised not to lift heavy weights, carry bags and limit intimacy to ensure your chest doesn’t experience any strain. We will give you a list of chest exercises that you need to do, to strengthen your breast muscles and increase your chest’s range of movement.

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