The New York Group for Plastic Surgery is committed to improving your personal and professional self. Appearance is a large part of determining self-worth as well as success in the workplace, both of which can be improved with any of our facial surgery procedures.In New York, facial plastic surgery can help you put your best face forward. We offer face & neck lifts, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, brow lift, and ear shaping so that you have the largest selection of facial surgery procedures at your disposal.

Breast Enhancement

Some women base confidence off of the size of their bust. To help, we offer the following breast enhancement procedures: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reconstruction, and breast reduction.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons utilize state-of-the-art techniques and methods for all breast enhancement procedures for solid results that you can see. Breast augmentation can be done in multiple ways with either a saline or silicone implant or via fat transfer. A breast lift will return sagging or misshapen breasts to their former firm and supple shape. Breast reductions are often coupled with a breast lift to reduce size and bring them back to where they belong.

Body Contouring

Regardless of how much some individuals exercise or diet, there are some of us who find weight loss or maintenance exceedingly difficult. The will may be strong and determination present, but the body does not always cooperate.The practice of body contouring is finessing the profile or silhouette of ones figure so that it is as alluring as possible. Procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, mommy makeover, and body contouring after weight loss all contribute to the creation of your ideal dimensions.

For Men

Plastic and cosmetic surgery isn’t only for women. Every year, increasingly more men are opting to receive plastic surgery from male breast reduction, to liposuction, to face & neck lifts, to injectable facial treatments. The positive results for these procedures are tangible: they return those youthful and rugged looks, shaving years off of your visage so that you are more attractive and look more successful.

Micro & Reconstructive Surgery

Largely, but not always, a practice utilized during reconstructive procedures, microsurgery takes many years of training and practice to become proficient. The “micro” aspect of the term is derived from the use of specific microscopes that assist in the fine and delicate degree of precision required for each procedure. Used is free tissue flap, breast reconstruction, orthoplastic and other such surgeries, microsurgery is sometimes one of the most effective and least scarring techniques we use.

Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery is primarily a series of reconstructive surgeries having to do with craniosynostosis, or, prematurely fused growth plates in the skull, cleft lip and palate where either of these does not fuse before birth, and microtia which is underdeveloped outer ears. While these conditions do not always have an adverse affect on quality of life, because of the unusual nature of these conditions, sufferers can feel awkward or self conscious in public or social situations.

Noninvasive Procedures

Many patients are familiar with the noninvasive procedures we provide which are Botox, injectable fillers, Ultherapy, and Latisse. Each of these can be performed in a single sitting and do not require an invasive operation. From skin firming and toning to returning that supple quality to the face, we provide tailored treatments to maximize benefit while minimizing discomfort.