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Breast enhancement is a popular way to improve your appearance, but preparing for the procedure can be stress-inducing for some women. Before your surgery, you will have many decisions to make, whether you are undergoing breast augmentation or reduction. It is challenging to weigh those choices that will affect the size and shape of your breasts without the ability to see what they will look like after surgery. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we understand the anxiety that can surround your breast procedure. That is why we offer you technology that allows you to “see” your post-surgical breasts to get a more accurate idea of what to expect from your results.

Introducing The Vectra XT

New York Group for Plastic Surgery features 3D imaging to help our patients visualize the results of their procedure. The Vectra XT is an innovative device that produces more accurate imaging than other products on the market today, giving our patients confidence in knowing what their surgical results will look like before their procedure. In just a few minutes of time at your consultation, we can show you what you can expect from your surgery, helping you make the best choices to ensure your results meet your desires and your expectations.

Whether you are trying to decide which breast implants to use or how much reduction you want, the Vectra XT can help. The 3D images offer the ability to “try on” different breast sizes and see them from a variety of angles to give you a comprehensive view of what your new body profile will resemble. You can even compare different sizes on the same screen to give you the most efficient assessment before you make your final decision. When you combine the Vectra XT with the knowledge and experience of the plastic surgeons at our office, you can rest assured your results will meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Benefits Of 3D Imaging

There are many reasons why we believe the Vectra XT is the best imaging device available to plastic surgeons and their patients today:

  • Automated measurements offer us the most accurate view of your current body profile and what you will look like after your surgery
  • Automatic stitching puts the front and back images of the patient together seamlessly to give you a more thorough view of what your new contours will look like from all angles
  • Contouring allows you to see your new curves, whether we are adding size and volume or reducing them
  • Dynamic soft tissue modeling offers a realistic view of what your implants will look like underneath your breast tissue
  • Overlaying gives us the ability to place one image on top of another, so you get the most accurate vision of the changes to your breasts after surgery
  • Multiple scenarios are shown on the same screen so you can accurately gauge even subtle differences between implants

The VectraXT features all the primary implant manufacturers and products we offer our patients, ensuring our patients have a full range of options as well as the most accurate view of what each different implant might look like in their breasts.

How It Works

We offer Vectra XT imaging during your consultation after carefully listening to your concerns and your desires for the results of your surgery. We combine your aesthetic goals with our expert recommendations and 3D imaging to ensure your expectations for surgery are as accurate as possible. With years of experience in the operating room, you can be sure we will help you find the breast size and shape that will add harmony and balance to your entire body profile, in addition to helping you add the curves you want.

The imaging device is noninvasive, requiring you to simply stand in front of the cameras while viewing your image on the screen in front of you. Once the images are collected, we can manipulate the photos to demonstrate how your breasts will change after your surgery. The simulation includes 180-degree images as well as side-by-side comparisons to make your assessment as uncomplicated and realistic as possible.

Confidence In Your Results

There is no better feeling for our patients than to head into surgery with an accurate view of what they might look like afterward. We believe the Vectra XT is the best way to give you that confidence, with images that are true to your actual results. Despite the efficiency of the Vectra XT, we do not rely on your imaging alone to set your expectations; our surgeons will also spend the time necessary to understand your concerns and aesthetic goals to help you choose the right implants and procedure techniques for you.

Don’t let anxiety about your results keep you from pursuing the breast enhancement procedure you want. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we can help you set realistic expectations so you are confident about your outcome. To learn more about Vectra XT or the different breast procedures we offer, contact New York Group for Plastic Surgery today at one of our four locations: New York City at 888-912-1279 or Tarrytown at 914-366-6139.

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