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Dr. Salzberg is quoted on Plastic Surgery Practice on the benefits of the American Sports Bra.

Help! There are so many different sports bras out there and every surgeon seems to have a different opinion regarding which bra is best status post-breast surgery. Not to mention that every time I go in for a bra fitting, I am apparently wearing the wrong size bra with little to no support! How do I decide what is the best option for me??

This is Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg and I am a breast specialist within both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Over the years I have seen many types of bras used post-surgery but have come to the conclusion that the American Sports Bra (ASB) is my personal favorite.

The creator of the American Sports Bra is Hilary Lambert and we have worked exclusively together over the last several years to perfect her design, which is ideal for the surgery patient as well as those women who are just looking for a bra that provides excellent support during strenuous exercise. The ASB has been designed with a double layer – internally, an underwire cup that snaps in the front provides shape to the breast and externally, there is a compressive outer shell similar to a standard sports bra but it also fastens in the front.  The double layer design provides shape as well as snug support. The front closure allows the post-surgery patient to put it on herself without having to pull if over her head or ask someone for assistance. The American Sports Bra is also available without an underwire with the internal cup layer still present – perfect for patients whose surgeons do not want underwire over an incision or for women who simply hate underwire!

I use this bra exclusively with all my Direct to Implant Breast Reconstruction patients to ensure that there is shape to the breast while the swelling comes down and the implant settles. The compression helps to resolve swelling and allows the patient to feel supported and secure in the initial healing phase. The material is very soft and comfortable, similar to that of Lululemon yoga attire. In addition to my Direct to Implant patients, I recommend this bra be worn by my patients after breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery. Patients are fitted at their first post-op appointment right here in our office.

During the years I have recommended this bra to my patients, I have also discovered that they all wear it years after surgery when running or performing other strenuous activities b/c it provides such great support and is also comfortable to wear. Hilary herself is a marathon runner and wanted to design a bra that would offer top-notch support – she was sick of having to wear multiple sports bras while running! Well, she succeeded, as marathon runners everywhere LOVE the American Sports Bra.

Check out the American Sports Bra @ or visit our office for a personal fitting!

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