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The effects of age, considerable weight loss, and hereditary factors all impact the neck’s appearance, and can cause your neck to look older than the rest of you, especially your face. For this reason, any enhancement made to the neck can deliver remarkable results that take years off your appearance. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, our patients love the neck lift and love how this simple procedure can make a dramatic difference in their overall appearance.

Countering The Aging Effect

Effects of aging can show up on your neck long before your face starts to age. The skin on the neck is very delicate and more vulnerable to the effects of the environment, fluctuations in weight and the aging process. Since the face and neck work together to create a person’s overall facial appearance, an aging neck can have a dramatic impact on how you look.

People who’ve lost large amounts of weight often encounter this same aging effect in the form of sagging or loose skin around the neck region. As no amount of diet or exercise will remedy this, some form of cosmetic enhancement becomes necessary. Whatever the issue, they can be eliminated with a simple neck lift procedure. A neck lift is designed to contour both the neck and the jawline and restore a youthful, natural profile to the face.

What Can I Expect From A Neck Lift?

Customized Treatment Planning

A neck lift offers a quicker and less invasive alternative to a full facelift procedure, which is often the go-to solution when signs of aging begin to show. With the neck often being the first area to show signs of aging, the noticeable results gained after a neck lift may be all that’s needed. Also, a neck lift can be done using different techniques to accommodate the physical and aesthetic needs of the patient.

For some people, pockets of fat along the neck offset its natural balance. In these cases, a neck lift only requires a simple liposuction procedure to remove fatty tissue. If excess skin around the neckline is a problem, trimming and tucking is another way to go. When the muscles that make up the neck have lost their form or structure, re-situating the affected muscles offers another approach. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are board-certified and have the experience and training necessary to deliver the superior results you expect.

Enhances The Neck’s Natural Contours

A neck lift enhances the neck’s natural contours, especially in cases where banding has developed. Vertical bands along the front of the neck appear when the underlying muscles lose their shape and tone. By removing the affected muscle and rejoining or suturing the muscles of the neck together, a neck lift procedure can create a smooth, defined neck contour.

Minimal Scarring And Recovery Time

A neck lift procedure is done on an outpatient basis using only a local or general anesthetic. Recovery times are relatively short – in fact, it’s not uncommon for patients to be up and about and back to their normal routines within one to two weeks’ time. As far as scarring goes, incisions made during a neck lift are in discreet areas, such as behind the ears, under the chin, and in the hairline. This means any scarring that does develop (which is minimal) will be hidden from view.

Does What Diet And Exercise Can’t

In most any other areas of the body, sagging muscles can often be corrected through proper diet and exercise. This is not the case for the neck. When the effects of age and heredity take hold, it’s all but impossible to improve the neck’s appearance without some form of cosmetic enhancement. A neck lift procedure not only restores a youthful, natural neckline, but also gives the impression of noticeable weight loss.

Find Out If A Neck Lift Is Right For You

If you want to refresh your appearance without taking drastic measures, a neck lift offers a minimally invasive solution that can take years off of your appearance. Since the procedure doesn’t require extensive healing or recovery times, many people opt to have other enhancements done to the face, which can produce an even more dramatic effect.

Other procedures commonly performed along with a neck lift include:

New York Group for Plastic Surgery offers a full menu of treatments to choose from, performed by highly trained surgeons who are experienced in all aspects of plastic surgery. If you’re considering a neck lift or have questions about other available options, call us today at 888-834-2075 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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