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Treat Yourself In 2016!

If you greeted the New Year looking and feeling less than your best, you are not alone. Many of us reach those annual milestones dissatisfied with our appearance, due to imperfections and signs of aging that deflate our self-confidence. The staff at New York Group for Plastic Surgery understands that when you look your best, it’s natural to feel your best too. That is why we offer a myriad of non-invasive procedures that allow you to treat yourself to a brand new look for the brand new year.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments are a popular way to turn back the clock and address a host of cosmetic concerns. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we offer the following options in injectables:

Dermal Fillers – provide support to the underlying skin structure, smoothing away lines and restoring youthful volume from the inside out
Botox – relaxes facial muscles that lead to the formation of wrinkles, giving you a smoother, more youthful appearance
 – an innovative way to dissolve fat under the chin, redefining the jawline and eliminating the “double chin” appearance

With a variety of injectable treatments to choose from, our physicians can help you customize your treatment to your unique needs and desired outcome. All of our injectable procedures are relatively comfortable and take just a few minutes to complete. Dermal fillers and Botox will need to be repeated over time to maintain results, while Kybella offers a permanent solution to submental fat under the chin.

Skin Tightening Solutions

Skin tightening can now be effectively accomplished for some patients without a surgical lift procedure. Ultherapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and firm and tighten skin. The procedure may be used on problem areas of the face like the jawline and the cheeks. Treatment sessions take just a few minutes to complete, with many patients experiencing significant results after just a single treatment session.

The Eyes Have It

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, but when insufficient lashes do not provide them with the proper framing, they can get lost in the rest of your facial features. Latisse is a topical medication that can be brushed on the eyelids daily to promote longer, thicker lash growth. The solution is only available by prescription and is offered by the physicians at New York Group for Plastic Surgery. Most patients will see dramatic results after a few months of using the product.

Medical-Grade Skin Care

Make the results of your clinical treatments last longer with medical-grade skin care products you can use at home. These formulations tend to feature proven active ingredients in higher concentrations than what you will find at your drugstore counter. The products are also designed for maximum penetration, so ingredients can get to the layers of skin that need it most. Our professional staff can help you select the medical-grade skin care that will offer the greatest benefit, based on your specific skin type and needs.

Make 2016 a year to remember, with cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. To learn more about these procedures, contact New York Group for Plastic Surgery at 888-834-2075 (New York City), 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown).

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