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Hi, I’m Jennifer Zielinski, a nurse with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery. I work with the surgeons every day performing many cosmetic procedures.

Over the years the effects of gravity start to become more visible. Your skin contains collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm and supple. As you age, the collagen loses elasticity and the power to fight the effects of gravity pulling your skin down.

Many women ask what can be done to tighten the loose skin on the face and neck that has lost collagen. For many years, the only truly effective remedies we could provide for “sagging skin” were surgical procedures that can take weeks to recover from. These surgeries can be quite expensive when combining associated operating room and anesthesia costs. But now, we can give our patients another treatment that is nonsurgical and less costly: Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is noninvasive, meaning no cutting or surgery involved, so there’s no downtime, leaving you free to be out and about. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy that reaches below the skin’s surface to stimulate creation of new collagen to give your skin’s structure more support and lift. The great thing about this procedure is you get to see your skin have a gradual improvement that continues to get better until about six months, and Ultherapy treatment gives you fresh young collagen for about a year’s time following the procedure.

During the treatment, a wand-like device is pressed along the targeted parts of your face and/or neck that need a lift. The procedure takes about an hour. The sensation can be a bit uncomfortable for some people — similar to little rubber bands snapping on your skin — so we provide you with something to squeeze (often a silicone implant since hey, we are a plastic surgery office!) and distract you with a chat. It’s over pretty quickly and you’re on your way to having an “uplifted” freshened look.

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