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The staff at New York Group for Plastic Surgery strives to create the best relationship possible with each of our patients. To that end, we offer myTouchMD so our patients can connect with our staff and their medical information any time they like. The revolutionary myTouchMD allows patients to access information, ask questions and even share their procedure with loved ones with a simple touch of a screen. As a participant of my Touch MD, the New York Group for Plastic Surgery provides our patients with unprecedented access to their doctors, their personal information and information about the procedures they are interested in.

What is myTouchMD?

MyTouchMD is a patient education platform that allows you to access your personal medical information from any device. Our staff can educate and communicate with you quickly and conveniently while you gain information and understanding about the surgical procedures you are interested at any time and from any location. MyTouchMD is customizable to the unique needs of each practice, so our patients will get just the information they need to learn about their procedures and interact with our staff – no more, no less.

MyTouchMD offers unsurpassed security, ensuring the platform is fully compatible with all HIPPA regulations. The service is completely free to our patients and involves a simple activation through the myTouchMD portal, using a special code you can receive from our office. Once you are active on the myTouchMD portal, you will have all the information necessary to make educated decisions about your medical care and the best plastic surgery procedures for your specific needs.

Features of myTouchMD

As a member of myTouchMD, you will have access to all of the following features:

  • Information about our practice, including our surgeons and other office staff that will be instrumental in your care
  • Photos of our facility and staff so you can visualize what your procedure might be like before the day of your surgery
  • Cameras that allow us to post images immediately, which we can use to illustrate what you can expect from your procedure and the results
  • Your personal information, including your medical records, prescription history and procedure listing
    Pre- and post-operative instructions for your procedure, making it easy for you to review instructions at any time
  • A video library that offers additional information about the various procedures we offer, complete with illustrations

MyTouchMD can be used during your office appointments with us, so we can more efficiently explain and illustrate what you should expect from your plastic surgery procedures. These interactive consultations provide you with all the information needed to make the best possible decisions about your surgery. In addition, you will be able to print any images or instructions you like to keep a hard copy for your own records. This portal is the perfect way for you to review information from your consultation or any of your follow-up appointments after your surgery, so you never feel like you missed essential facts during those meetings.

Sign UP for myTouchMD today!

MyTouchMD is an efficient, easy way for you to keep up with the care and services you receive through our office. Through the patient portal, which is also available through apps you can download onto your favorite device, you have 24/7 access to all of the information you need to make positive decisions about your own plastic surgery procedures. Sign up is easy, simply call our office for your access code and then follow the instruction for “New Patients” on the TouchMD portal.

MyTouchMD is taking patient and physician interaction to a whole new level. To learn more about this free service or to get your access code to create your own account, contact the New York Group for Plastic Surgery today at one of our four locations: New York City at 888-338-6526 or Tarrytown at 914-366-6139.

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