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What You Need to Know

For many patients, the cost of any surgery can be significant. Cosmetic surgery, in particular, or procedures that are sought out for aesthetic reasons, are rarely covered by insurance companies and can be a hefty out-of-pocket expense. However, many individuals are more than willing to foot the bill for plastic surgery in the pursuit of a more pleasing appearance or to correct a flaw that has nagged at them for years. If cosmetic surgery is something you’re considering, it’s crucial to understand the factors that will impact the total cost of your procedure— after all, it is a permanent investment with life-altering results.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping or a nose job, is a popular surgical procedure that seeks to address concerns with the size, shape or functionality of the nose, one of your most prominent facial features. Thousands of people undergo rhinoplasty each year to improve their quality of life; whether it be from a more symmetrical, attractive appearance or to correct obstructions that interfere with breathing and overall nasal function.

If a rhinoplasty is something you’re considering, elements like the purpose of your surgery, your surgeon’s level of expertise and post-operative care can all factor into the total cost. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we understand that no two rhinoplasties will be the same, so it’s important to understand what is included in the total cost of your treatment, as well as what payment options are available to you.

The Complexity of the Procedure

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the average cost of rhinoplasty treatments is $5,483. However, the price range for rhinoplasty surgery can range from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on a number of different components. The extent of the procedure and the type of rhinoplasty being performed, for example, will greatly impact the total cost of your surgery.

Both the complexity and extent of the procedure will impact the total cost of your treatment. A complex reconstructive surgery may take more time than a simple aesthetic procedure, and thus will cost more for the patient. Additional factors may include whether the procedure is done as an open or closed rhinoplasty, or if it is your first rhinoplasty procedure versus a more extensive revision case.

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Aesthetic Corrections

Aesthetic reasons for undergoing a rhinoplasty may include one or more of the following concerns:

  • Nose is crooked or asymmetrical
  • Bump(s) present on the bridge of the nose
  • Nose size is disproportionate to other facial features
  • Nostrils are too narrow or wide
  • Large or drooping nasal tip

If you’re choosing a rhinoplasty primarily for aesthetic purposes, it is unlikely that your medical insurance provider will cover the cost of the procedure.

Functional Corrections

In addition to aesthetic purposes, rhinoplasty may also be selected for restoring function to your nose, also known as functional rhinoplasty. If nasal obstructions or other deviations are interfering with your breathing or quality of life, your insurance provider may cover a portion of the cost or the total cost of your bill. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, our surgeons can conduct a thorough exam of the cause of your breathing issues and can help you determine if you are eligible for medical coverage.

Functional reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty may include one or more of the following concerns:

  • Obstructive disorders such as a deviated septum
  • Misshapen nose from a congenital disability or injury
  • Chronic stuffiness, post-nasal drip, and snoring
  • Reconstructive purposes

Surgeon Skill Level

Rhinoplasty costs will also vary significantly depending on your surgeon’s skill level, expertise, certifications and even the geographic location of their practice. It’s important to note that when you begin your search for the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty, their surgical fees should not be the most important factor in your decision. Finding a board-certified surgeon is vital, and your surgeon should also be someone you are comfortable with, who understands your aesthetic goals and has the expertise to perform this particular procedure.

An important distinction when selecting a surgeon is ensuring that they have the right credentials and experience to ensure both the safety and success of your procedure. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, both Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Salzberg are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are highly accomplished in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face. Choosing a surgeon whom you can trust to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively is priceless. New York Group for Plastic Surgery offers highly personable and compassionate care to every patient to ensure that the results of your procedure allow you to look as beautiful as you feel.


Pre And Post-Operative Care

The cost of rhinoplasty often omits additional care needed for the procedure and the costs associated with this care. Pre-operative appointments such as the consultation for your rhinoplasty procedure, or post-operative follow-up appointments are both crucial elements to successful treatment and should be discussed at length with your surgeon.

You may also wish to prepare for the possibility of the additional costs of medications needed post-surgery, such as for pain management, which is not commonly included in the total estimate. Other indirect costs of rhinoplasty may include lost wages from the time taken off work for the procedure and the subsequent recovery or may consist of travel expenses depending on where your surgeon is located.

Whether you’re seeking rhinoplasty treatment to improve your overall appearance or restore functionality to your nose, let the highly-skilled surgeons and staff at New York Group for Plastic Surgery help you achieve results you’ll love. Rhinoplasty is a permanent and life-changing investment in which the cost can vary greatly. Call (914) 366-6139 today to book your consultation and let us help you determine the cost and coverage of your future rhinoplasty!


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