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Your nose is the central point of your face, placing all of your other features into balance. When the nose is out of proportion or asymmetrical, it can make your entire appearance look off. That is why rhinoplasty or nose-reshaping surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures today. In a single surgery, you can bring harmony to the entire face, which can also give you the confidence boost you have been after.

Cosmetic Reasons For Rhinoplasty

There are many possible reasons why you might be considering rhinoplasty. Some of the cosmetic reasons include:

  • The bridge of the nose has a concave or a hump
  • The nasal tip points upward or downward
  • The nose is crooked or asymmetrical
  • The tip of the nose is more narrow or broad than you would like
  • The nostrils are too large or uneven
  • The nose is disproportionately large compared to other facial features

Any of these concerns can lead to immense dissatisfaction with your appearance, which in turn can affect your self-confidence. Since you can’t cover up the nose or hide most flaws under makeup, those cosmetic concerns are always present and always making you feel uncomfortable.

Other Reasons For Rhinoplasty

An injury to the nose can also lead you to consider rhinoplasty. Broken noses often end up as crooked noses even after healing has taken place. Removal of cancerous tumors can also affect the appearance of the nose, sometimes profoundly if the tumor was quite large. These issues will also make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, with nowhere to hide that prominent aesthetic embarrassment.

Rhinoplasty can also be performed if deformities are causing breathing difficulties. For example, if you have a deviated (crooked) septum, rhinoplasty can correct the structural defect and improve the appearance of the nose at the same time. In these cases, the portion of your procedure that is used to correct the breathing problem might be covered by insurance. Talk to your insurance company before meeting with your plastic surgeon to determine whether any coverage might be available.

Benefits Of Rhinoplasty

If you do make the rhinoplasty choice, there are a number of potential benefits you could enjoy after this procedure. First, most patients only need one rhinoplasty procedure to achieve their full cosmetic results and those results will last a lifetime. We perform most of our rhinoplasties as outpatient procedures. This means you can return home the same day as your surgery to recover in comfort. Patients can usually return to most of their activities within about one week after their rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty is a highly customizable procedure that can be tailored to your specific concerns. Even subtle changes to the size or shape of the nose can have a major impact on the balance and harmony of your face overall. In some cases, your plastic surgeon might recommend that you combine rhinoplasty with another procedure like chin augmentation to produce even better results.

If part of the reason for your confidence slump is embarrassment over the appearance of your nose, perhaps now is the time to take action. Contact the New York Group for Plastic Surgery at 888-912-1279 (New York City), 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown) or 914-293-8700 (Cortlandt Manor).

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