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Welcome to the New York Group for Plastic Surgery (NYGPS) blog! We’re starting this blog as a place to share what we hope will be useful and interesting information with our patients, their families and friends, and anyone else interested in reconstructive or plastic surgery, including non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

We are an established practice of highly trained and experienced, board-certified reconstructive and plastic surgeons. We base our practice on our medical expertise, but also our caring, personalized attention to patients’ needs.

We are experts in cosmetic plastic surgery, on the forefront of the latest techniques including liposuction and fat transfer, facial fillers, rhinoplasty (nose job), breast enhancement and more. We can perform many cosmetic procedures without even using surgery – this is known as “non-invasive” plastic surgery, and is becoming increasingly popular among our patients.

We are the pioneers of the Direct-to-Implant or “One-Step” breast reconstruction following mastectomy, and recognized by the medical community throughout Westchester and beyond for performing reconstructive surgery on the face or body to repair congenital (birth) defects, trauma (from car or motorcycle collisions, home repair mishaps, etc.), infection, tumors or disease. The goal of reconstructive surgery is to fix a person’s appearance and improve or restore body functions, such as arm or leg movement.

Please let us know if there are particular topics you would like to learn more about and we’ll do our best to address them. Again, welcome!

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