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I’m Dr. Bill Aydin, a partner and surgeon with the NYGPS, and I’d like to share insights and information about men and plastic surgery with you. Please feel free to comment or ask questions:

As with women, there are many reasons a man might seek to change or improve his physical appearance. Many of my male patients ages 45—60 want to look “experienced but not too old” for employment or social reasons. Others have been bothered all their lives by a nose that seems too large for their face or ears that stick out, for example, but haven’t had the financial ability or time to address these concerns until later in life.

Another common reason men come in is to remove excess fat in their breast tissue – known medically as gynecomastia and in popular culture as “man boobs.” Gynecomastia is caused by certain medications (heart, prostate) or health conditions (thyroid, kidney) that can affect hormone balance, or is genetically inherited. Extra breast fat can be removed with liposuction, a minimally invasive office procedure that uses a vacuum-like device to remove fat from targeted areas of the body. In some cases, when actual breast tissue needs to be removed a small incision is required, but the surgery is straightforward and associated with minimal downtime.

Some men seek to reduce stubborn fat around their middle. For many, diet and exercise just haven’t achieved the desired result. Liposuction can provide improved shape after weight loss or a head start toward losing weight and toning the body. I strongly advise all my patients to monitor their calorie intake and maintain a consistent exercise routine. Liposuction is a contouring procedure that can achieve fantastic results when combined with a healthy lifestyle, but I do remind my patients that fat consumed by the body has to go somewhere!

Though I’m a plastic surgeon, I still appreciate that facial lines or wrinkles can give a person’s face character and can actually enhance their looks. But for some men and women, taking steps to feel better about their appearance can improve self-esteem. There are also health benefits to some cosmetic procedures. For example, removing excess weight can actually improve blood pressure, cholesterol and/or diabetes in some people.

Everyone can take preventive steps to help fight aging by preserving skin tone and elasticity. Avoid skin tanning or burning (in the sun or tanning salons) and wear a daily lotion with SPF protection. Don’t smoke, and try to eat healthy and exercise to improve skin quality, help stave off that bothersome mid-section weight, and improve your overall energy!

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