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When you have more than one aesthetic goal to achieve, the idea of combining plastic surgery procedures might be an attractive one. Advances in surgical techniques and safety have made a combination of procedures much more common than in previous years. In fact, there are actual benefits to having more than one plastic surgery procedure at a time today.

Less Anesthesia = Less Risk

A single surgery means just one time under anesthesia, which can reduce your risk for anesthesia-related complications. Since most complications arise during the time you are going under the anesthesia or coming out of it, stress on the body is greatly reduced. In most cases, the extended surgical time does not cause any additional complications, making the combined procedure a safer approach for many patients.

One Recovery Period

There is no way around it – surgery nearly always comes with a recovery period afterward to allow your body time to heal. For some procedures, the recovery time is relatively short, while others may take a number of weeks before you are ready to return to regular activities. By combining your procedures, you only have to endure one recovery period, which means less time off work and other activities.

Lower Cost

The cost of plastic surgery can be broken down into a number of categories, including surgeon fees, operating room costs, anesthesiologist fees and other assorted expenses. By combining procedures, you can significantly save on the cost of your procedure, by reducing costs like the use of the operating room and the anesthesiologist fees. This can be a huge benefit to patients that are looking at the possibility of multiple procedures to achieve their plastic surgery goals.

Enjoy Dramatic Results

While the idea of multiple procedures at one time can seem daunting at first, the ability to achieve multiple goals in a single surgery can be highly satisfying in the long run. Once you have recovered from your procedure, you will see significant changes to your appearance that will typically be long-lasting and even permanent.

Combining plastic surgery procedures can be safe and effective, as long as it is done under the close eye of an experienced plastic surgeon. Not all procedures work well together, so it is important to talk to your surgeon about the specific procedures you want and whether they can safely be performed simultaneously. To learn more about combining plastic surgery procedures, contact New York Group for Plastic Surgery at one of our four locations: New York City at 888-338-6526 or Tarrytown at 914-366-6139.

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