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Why You Should Put Plastic Surgery in New York On Your Holiday Wish List

Have you been considering a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery procedure available at NY Group for Plastic Surgery? While expensive jewelry or a car used to be the grand gift gesture of choice, more and more men and women are putting cosmetic enhancement on their holiday wish lists. Unlike these aforesaid material items, plastic surgery in Manhattan, Westchester, Orange County and the Hudson Valley provides a long-lasting confidence boost that an individual can enjoy every day, as opposed to just on special occasions.

“It’s becoming more and more common to give cosmetic surgery as a present,” says our board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg. “Moms typically request tummy tucks, liposuction and breast augmentation from their spouses, whereas teens of an appropriate age request rhinoplasty (nose job) and laser hair removal. It’s also not uncommon for sisters, friends and significant others to give one another Botox®, or other non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments like Ultherapy®.”

The gifting of plastic surgery has become a noted trend at all of our offices throughout New York State, from our location in New York City, Tarrytown (near Rye, Harrison, Scarsdale, Dobbs Ferry, White Plains and Sleepy Hollow).

“Last December, ABC News quoted one New York City plastic surgeon as stating he had seen a 35% increase in giving the gift of plastic surgery in Manhattan,” adds Dr. Salzberg. “We’ve seen a similar substantial increase year-over-year and look forward to helping so many men and women look and feel their best in 2015!”

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