More than 204,000 men sought plastic surgery procedures in 2013, according to figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Men are discovering that some of the procedures that had been considered predominantly female treatments are beneficial to male patients as well. At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we perform a number of popular procedures for our male patients, helping them look as good as they feel at any age.

Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures have become quite popular with both male and female patients, due to their ability to address areas of concern that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Men are particularly interested in liposuction that effectively removes isolated deposits of fat from areas like the abdomen, back and chest. Liposuction is commonly performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. A narrow tube called a cannula is inserted directly into fat deposits, where it loosens fat cells and gently suctions them away.

Men suffering from a condition known as gynecomastia may also benefit from breast reduction procedures. Gynecomastia is an embarrassing and painful condition characterized by abnormal growth of the breasts. Reduction can be done through traditional surgical procedures or via liposuction, depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed.

Facial Enhancement

Men are also tuning into the benefits of surgical facial enhancement, with procedures like nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and facelifts. A man’s goals for these procedures tend to be slightly different than a woman’s so it is important to choose a surgeon experienced in performing these procedures on male patients. These surgical procedures can help you turn back the clock and eliminate bothersome imperfections without sacrificing your masculine facial profile.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Even non-surgical treatments are catching the attention of male patients as they discover subtle ways to reverse signs of aging without the need for a recovery period. Injectable treatments like Botox are especially popular as a way to eliminate facial creases around the forehead and eyebrows. Dermal fillers can also be used to smooth away wrinkles on the lower face or restore youthful volume to the area under the eyes.

At New York Group for Plastic Surgery, we strive to make both our male and female patients feel comfortable and well cared for. We offer a wide range of treatment options that allow us to customize your treatment to your specific concerns and desired outcome. To learn more about your options, contact New York Group for Plastic Surgery at one of our four locations: New York City at 800-433-7410; Tarrytown at 914-366-6139.

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