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Men have tuned in to the benefits of plastic surgery in recent years, both for the purpose of cosmetic improvement and professional advancement in some cases. The New York Group for Plastic Surgery serves many male patients in the New York City area, offering procedures designed just for the male physique and facial profile. If you are considering an aesthetic enhancement, check out these top procedures for men in 2017.


Body contouring is a popular way to replace your spare tire with that six-pack you have been craving but haven’t quite been able to sculpt out at the gym. Liposuction offers the ability to remove those stubborn fat pockets to create a smoother, more toned body profile. This procedure is popular around the midsection, but men can also use liposuction to trim the love handles and remove excess fat from the chest to produce a more masculine contour. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that more than 51,000 men had liposuction in 2015.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breast enlarges, sometimes to the point of resembling a female breast. While gynecomastia is not typically a serious medical issue, it can be devastating from a psychological standpoint. Surgery is the best way to correct the problem, which explains why more than 30,000 male breast reduction procedures were performed in 2015 alone. The surgery removes excess skin and tissue from the breast area to sculpt a flatter, more masculine chest shape.


Nose reshaping surgery can be just as life-changing for men as it is for women. This procedure enhances the appearance of the nose by making subtle changes to size, shape or projection. You can improve the line of the nasal bridge, reduce imperfections in the tip of the nose or correct asymmetries to bring harmony and proportion to the face. The surgery can also be used to correct structural defects that interfere with breathing. Nearly 31,000 men underwent rhinoplasty in 2015.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is another example of how subtle changes can have a profound impact on the overall appearance of the face. This procedure may address drooping upper lids, puffy lower lids, or both lids at the same time. Also known as blepharoplasty, the corrections made during this surgery refresh the face and gives you a more youthful, awake appearance. Eyelid surgery also ranks as one of the top procedures for men in 2015, with around 30,700 performed.


A facelift for a male face looks very different than one performed on a female patient. The goal for a male facelift is to maintain the strong, masculine features while subtly turning back the clock. Repositioning of underlying tissue and muscle is essential to ensure a natural appearance while preserving a few lines helps to produce a distinguished look. Men interested in this procedure, like the 13,000 that underwent surgery in 2015, should find a plastic surgeon experienced in male facelifts to guarantee the best possible outcome.

TheNew York Group for Plastic Surgery strives to make all of our patients feel comfortable and cared for from the first time they walk into our office. With extensive experience in male plastic surgery, you can rest assured you will be in good hands from your consultation through your last follow-up. To learn more about choices in plastic surgery for men, contact the New York Group for Plastic Surgery at 888-834-2075 (New York City) or 914-366-6139 (Tarrytown).

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