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Hi, I’m Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg, surgeon and partner with the New York Group for Plastic Surgery. Hundreds of women a year come to me for direct to implant, or “one-step,” mastectomy breast reconstruction, which I pioneered more than a decade ago. My direct to implant procedure provides women undergoing mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer, or prophylactically for a BRCA mutation, with the benefit of completing surgery in one operation. This procedure also avoids the months-long discomfort of the tissue expander process.

To date, I’ve performed direct to implant breast reconstruction on 532 women (926 breasts), primarily at St. John’s Riverside Hospital Dobbs Ferry Pavilion in Dobbs Ferry and the Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Women come from around the country and even other countries for nipple-sparing, direct to implant reconstruction, and our hospitals and office offer numerous advantages. One of the most important is that we have a strong voice about—and more control over—the quality of care we provide for each woman. Here are benefits as you consider surgery with us:

· Your care is very personalized—it’s the surgeons, not residents, who are with you before, during, and after your surgery. Along with our physician assistants, I will be answering your post-surgery calls or emails.
· You have your own hospital room, and your spouse or family member or friend can stay overnight with you.
· We have an established “fly-in” program to provide hotel and transportation guidance for a comfortable stay after surgery if you’re from out of town.
· We use MDConnectME, a simple web-based app, to text or email updates about how you are doing right before, during, and after surgery to the person waiting for you at the hospital, and anyone else in or out of the country on a list that you provide in advance.
· We work closely with you to coordinate your appointments and surgery date to alleviate your logistical planning and stress, whether you are local or from out of town.
· When you visit the New York Group for Plastic Surgery offices, you are treated as an individual not a number, and the staff knows who you are.

The hospitals we operate at are all accredited by the Joint Commission, a national organization that sets high standards for patient care and safety, and we have state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-caliber medical and support staff. Our goal is to give you the most effective reduction in cancer risk and the best cosmetic results while providing personal, hands-on care.

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